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              LONGWAY standby battery series is divided into float charge high rate and power backup batteries. This series of products adopts special lead paste formula design, optimized grid design and special grid alloy, so that it has excellent floating charge ability. Mainly used in uninterruptible power supplies such as UPS and electric power. As a float charge standby long-life battery, the battery has good float charge performance and excellent consistency


              General Features

              ● Maintenance free.

              ● High reliability, safe and no leakage. Can be used in any position.

              ● Low self-discharge rate. The average monthly self-discharge rate is less than 2.5%.

              ● Strong storage capacity. The battery can still be used normally after one year of storage.

              ● High efficiency and strong performance. Meet the discharge rate requirements such as 3-15min.

              ● Strong floating charge capacity. The normal temperature service life is not less than 2 years.


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